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Training for Freshers on Basic Industrial Requirements, Alignment Technique - Including Laser Alignment, Vibration Analysis, Thermography- 06 Months

Commencement Date : 19th October’2018 Click Here to Download Brochure
Last Date for Registration: 12th October’2018 Click Here to Download Registration Form
Programme Overview :

This program is developed with a mission to enhance the knowledge of a graduate in an industry by practically training them on Basic Industrial Requirements, Fundamentals of Basic Maintenance Activities, Tools used for Maintenance Activities, Alignment Concepts along with advanced Laser Alignment Techniques, Thermography, Vibration Analysis, Diagnostic Studies and In-Site Dynamic Balancing of Rotors and also enhance with some of the soft skills and computer knowledge which is an essence of this era.

  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
All types of Tools - From Spanners to Torque Wrench Introduction to Alignment
All types of Gauges - Measuring, Leveling & Marking Practical Dial Gauge Alignment
All types of Precision tools including Bore Gauge - Theory & Practice Laser alignment Theory & Practice
All about Couplings, Bearings, Gears, Shafts Introduction to Vibration Analysis – with respect to ISO Standards
All about Lubrication Choosing Measurement Locations
All about Mechanical Seals, Governor, Valves All about Vibration Transducers
Basics of Hydraulics & Pneumatics-Trouble Shooting Practical session in using Vibration Instrument
All about Pumps, Blowers, Compressors, Turbines Creation of Route for Vibration Measurement
All about Pipe Fittings - what you need to know Single & Two plane Balancing - Theory & Practice
All about Process Plant & its Machineries Soft Skills & Computer Skills - MS Word, Excel, Power Point - Practical day-to-day working in Companies
Types of Maintenance Practices - Breakdown to Predictive Importance of Safety - What Companies Expect
Thermography – Theory & Practice

  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
  • Condition Monitoring Course – 06 Months
To Gain Knowledge on the various types Tools used in industry and their Operating Principle, purpose. To understand Vibration from Basics to Advanced level (Diagnosis of problem using spectrum)
To gain knowledge about Machine Elements used in the equipments in Industries. To identify the Problem of equipment using Vibration Analysis.
To gain knowledge about various Process, Machineries used in the different industries like Cement, Power, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Paper etc. To gain knowledge in the Coupling, its types & application, different alignment techniques and latest trend in Alignment (Practical experience in Laser alignment)
To gain knowledge about various problems occurring in Machineries and their Diagnosis To gain practical experience in Dynamic Balancing of Machineries.
To update the latest technologies used in Maintenance Field. To get experienced in Thermal image capturing to Problem Identification.

  • NUMBER OF CANDIDATES – Maximum 06.
  • The candidate will have privilege of minimum of 03 in‐plant visits inside or outside Tamil Nadu along with Consultancy team to solve for real time vibration related problem with hands‐on experience on minimum 20 - 25 equipments.
  • During site visits, travel (Road, Rail or Air), Boarding & Lodging will be provided by the company – free of cost.
  • Based on candidate’s performance TWO OF THE CANDIDATES WOULD BE recruited by our company with starting salary of Rs. 15,000/- per month.
  • Training & Classes conducted by experts in relevant field with more than 30 years of hands-on experience.
  • Evaluation on weekly basis on the performance will be conducted.
  • Other than training in above listed topics, candidates shall undergo Practical real-life studies along with our consultancy team.
  • In‐Situ Dynamic Balancing ‐ Calculations, procedure and hands-on training at plant site along with Trainers.
  • On completion of Six Months, they will undegro Written & Practical examination including Dynamic Balancing Test.
  • CERTIFICATE will be provided at the end of Training.
  • On completion of Six Month, they will be Eligible to attend ISO Certified Category ‐1 International Certified Vibration Analyst Examination on payment of additional fee of Rs. 35,000/‐ (which is being conducted by Vibration Institute, USA - an Internationally Recognized Certificate especially in Middle‐East & Far East, India, countries across the globe).